ZIA Soap Co.

ZIA Soap Company is a fictitious skincare company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The colors, textures and patterns were all inspired by the Native American culture. The packaging was designed to be recognizable cross platform, everything from bottles to cans to bars of soap. So the patterns may change but the same colors are used and same typography treatments. The logo is very recognizable so the colors used on it change from packaging to identity system to keep the packaging from getting to busy and to spice up the identity system. Overall the company should be recognizable from letterhead to packaging to website.

ZIA Logo
ZIA Identity System
ZIA Business Card
ZIA Packaging
ZIA Packaging cross-platform: Bottles, Bars, Jars, and Cans
ZIA Bottle Packaing
ZIA Soap Packaging and ZIA 100% Organic Stamp
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