The Sentient Bean Coffee Shop

The Sentient Bean is a coffee shop right by Forsyth Park in Savannah. With a modge-podge of coffee cups, vegetarian and vegan food options and mismatched couches and chairs this cash only joint feels like a casual second home; a place where adding a stain to the coffee table is no big deal. So I took that idea and ran with it, the logo is an actual scan of a coffee stain and the identity system imagery was inspired by vintage sacks of coffee that can be found decorating the walls. I made the logo into a stamp, this allows for easy two-color printing off all other deliverables and the logo can be reproduced anywhere for just the cost of an ink pad.

The Sentient Bean Business Card and custom Logo Stamp
The Sentient Bean Envelope
The Sentient Bean Identity System
The Sentient Bean Letterhead and custom Logo Stamp
The Sentient Bean Stamped Logo
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